Hypertensive urgency and emergency

Hypertensive urgency- SBP≥180 and/or DBP≥120 

Hypertensive emergency- With organ damage

Evaluation- Head injury, neurological symptoms(generalized, focal), papilledema, nausea, vomiting, chest discomfort, acute back pain, dyspnea, pregnancy

Treatment- 1st hr reduced 10~20%(<180/<120 mmHg), 5~15%(<160/<110 mmHg) the next 23hrs


1.Ischemic stroke- Patient received reperfusion therapy with BP≥185/110 mmHg or BP≥220/120 mmHg for who cannot received reperfusion therapy→ Labetalol 10 to 20 mg intravenously over 1 to 2 minutes

2.Aortic dissection- Rapidly lowered to a target of 100 to 120 mmHg (to be attained in 20 minutes)

3.Intracerebral hemorrhage– SBP>180 or DBP>105

*Pregnancy- Methyldopa / labetalol > nefedipine

Published by Steve Johnson

I am a doctor who like to organise knowledges and share ideas with others. As a doctor, a lot of knowledges influx everyday and need some patient to organise and absorb. Here was my notes to share with you and hope to save your time to know it.

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