Pleural effusion

Light Criteria(exudates if meet>= 1criteria)- Pleural protein/serum protein>0.5, Pleural LDH/serum LDH>0.6, Pleural LDH>200

Protein-TB(>4.0),  Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia and multiple myeloma(7.0~8.0)

LDH >1000- Empyema, rheumatoid pleurisy, and pleural paragonimiasis, Pleural/Serum>1.0 & pleural/serum protein<0.5(PJP, malignancy)

TG- Chylothorax(>110)

Glucose <60 or pleural/serum<0.5→ Rheumatoid, TB, empyema, malignancy, Lupus pleuritis, esophageal rupture

PH- <7.30→ empyema, malignancy, rheumatoid pleurisy, and tuberculous pleurisy, pleuritis, pleural fibrosis

Amylase- pancreatitis, malignancy, esophageal rupture, pneumonia, ruptured ectopic pregnancy, hydronephrosis, and cirrhosis

ADA- >40(TB), <40(malignancy)

Lymphocytosis >85~95%→ tuberculous pleurisy, lymphoma, sarcoidosis, chronic rheumatoid pleurisy, yellow nail syndrome, or chylothorax), >50~70(malignancy)

Eosinophilia >10%→ Pneumothorax, Hemothorax, Pulmonary infarction, Benign asbestos pleural effusion, Parasitic disease, Fungal infection (coccidioidomycosis, cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis), Malignancy (carcinoma, lymphoma, myeloma), Tuberculous pleurisy, Parapneumonic effusions, Chronic eosinophilic pneumonia)

Mesothelial cell- >5%(not TB), <1%(TB)

Published by Steve Johnson

I am a doctor who like to organise knowledges and share ideas with others. As a doctor, a lot of knowledges influx everyday and need some patient to organise and absorb. Here was my notes to share with you and hope to save your time to know it.

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