Mucormycosis and Fungus

Common cause- Rhizopus(in moldy bread), spores are deposited at nasal, lung, GI, skin

Presentation- Severe facial sinuses infection→  may extend to brain

Iron study- High ferritin, low TIBC

Treatment- Liposomal form of amphotericin B(nephrotoxicity), Isavuconazole( QTc shortening), Posaconazole

1.Rhinocerebral disease

Risk factor- DKA, neutropenia

Presentation- Retro-orbital headache, invasion of the CN V and VII , Loss of vision can occur with retinal artery thrombosis, Brain involvement(conscious change)

CT- Mucosal thickening, air-fluid levels, and/or bony erosions


Risk factor- Hematologic malignancies and a history of neutropenia

Presentation- Concurrent sinus involvement, fever

CT- Reverse halo sign (ground-glass opacity surronded by consolidation) 


Risk factor- Previous trauma, contaminated bandage, injection sites

Presentation- Like cellulitis, black eschar formation


Risk factor- Malnutrition, transplant, iron overload(deferoxamine therapy), trauma, burns, intravenous drug 

5.Disseminated- Kidneys, bones, heart

6.CNS involvement

Risk factor- Open head trauma, intravenous drug use, or malignancy

CT- Cavernous and, less commonly, sagittal sinus thrombosis


Published by Steve Johnson

I am a doctor who like to organise knowledges and share ideas with others. As a doctor, a lot of knowledges influx everyday and need some patient to organise and absorb. Here was my notes to share with you and hope to save your time to know it.

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