Acute pancreatitis

Acute pancreatitis Etiology– Gallstone(<0.5cm), ethanol, hyperlipidemia, hypocalcemia, infection, drug, trauma, ERCP, vasculitis, ishemia, CFTR, PRSS1, SPINK1 Presentation– Epigastric pain. nausea, vomiting, knee-chest position relief pain, Cullen’s sign, Grey Turner’s sign Lab– Amylase(6~12hrs elevated, 3~5 days subsided), lipase(4~8hrs elevated, day 1 reach the peak, 8~14 days subsided), Trypsinogen activation peptide (TAP) KUB– Colon cut off sign(bowel […]


Color Clear Turbid Bloody Milky Brown + bilirubin>40 Opalescent Cirrhosis Infection HCC, traumatic tapping, cirrhosis, malignancy, Tuberculous peritonitis Cirrhosis, malignancy Ruptured gallbladder, perforated duodenal ulcer Between turbid and milky Lab data Low Glucose- Infection, malignancy, bowel perforation High LDH- Infection, malignancy, bowel perforation High amylase- Pancreatitis, bowel perforation Malignant ascites- Peritoneal carcinomatosis, liver metastasis, HCC, […]