Definition- Diameter>1.5 fold, 1~1.5 fold called ectasia Site- Abdominal aorta> thoracic aorta> abdominal+iliac> thoracic+abdominal> iliac> popliteal> femoral Risk factor- Aging, male, HTN, smoking, HyperTG, Marfan syndrome Type 1.True aneurysm- 3 layers 2.False aneurysm- 1 or 2 layers 3.Fusiform aneurysm- Artherosclerosis, AAA(95%infrarenal) 4.Saccular aneurysm- Syphilis, ascending and arch 5.Degenerative aneurysm- atherosclerosis 6.Infected(mycotic) aneurysm 7.Traumatic/dissection 8.Microaneurysm- HTN(Charcot-Bouchard […]


Cholangitis Charcot’s triad- fever, RUQ pain, jaundice Reynold’s pentad- Charcot’s triad + shock + conscious loss Diagnosis A. Systemic inflammation A‐1. Fever and/or shaking chillsA‐2. Laboratory data: evidence of inflammatory response B. Cholestasis B‐1. JaundiceB‐2. Laboratory data: abnormal liver function tests C. Imaging C‐1. Biliary dilatationC‐2. Evidence of the etiology on imaging (stricture, stone, stent […]